Madonna - The Unreleased (2010) (759080)


<Xellchiri> BFS, I have a message for you

<BloodFromStone> A message for me?

<BloodFromStone> From whom?

<Xellchiri> Darthie

<Xellchiri>  "May you be cursed with the flatulence of a rabid camel."

<BloodFromStone> Xell: Hrmm... I find myself uninjured by her attacks. =P

* Xellchiri rolls 1d20 :: 8

<Xellchiri> yeah, she missed

Various artist (614734)

Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process (2003) (467442)


<InSaNe-CON> how do u put irc always on top ?

<@arc|hw> ctrl alt del twice

*** InSaNe-CON ( Quit (Ping timeout )

*** InSaNe-CON ( has joined #r

<InSaNe-CON> umm alt cntrl delete restarted my computer

<@arc|hw> you must have pressed something wrong